Q:  My structure is grounded will that protect it
A: No grounding will not protect you from a lightning strike

Q:  Does lightning strike twice
A: Although your friends will tell you no lightning does strike twice if you have been been struck once your more likely to be struck again since your structure attracted lightning once it continues to attract it

Q: Will the system draw lightning
A: No the system does not draw lightning at all

Q: What is the function of the system
A: A properly installed system with approved materials provides a safe path for lightning to the earth thus protecting the structure

Q: Will surge protectors offer protection from a strike
A: No surge protection will not protect structures from direct lightning strikes they will protect protect surges from entering the structure through utility lines

Q: How will the system look
A: Here at superior lightning protection we are experts at hiding the components of the system with the style of the of building
We have decorative and antique systems to add a old fashioned element if you desire it