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Lightning Protection TexasSuperior Lightning Protection is a family-owned and operated Texas lightning rod company that has been under the same ownership for close to 40 years. Our Superior Residential Lightning Rods are designed to protect your home, business, or commercial structure from damage due to lightning strikes. Our dedication and work ethic are only two of the reasons our Texas lightning rod company has been the go-to contractor for preventative weather related services.

Outfit your home or business with the best lightning protection available. By intercepting the strikes that target your structure, our industrial grade Residential Lightning Rods and surge protection systems provide a low resistance path to the ground, further insulating your home. We offer cutting-edge designs to disguise traditional lightning rods. No more obtrusive eye-sores that take away from the aesthetic and exterior of your home or commercial property.

Superior Lightning Protection proudly serves all of Texas with the best lightning and surge protection services, including, Austin, Arlington, Lewisville, Grapevine, Frisco, Irving, McKinney and surrounding areas. 

Strike first and call for the best Texas Residential  Lightning Rods today. Give you and your family the peace of mind they deserve : 817-908-9330

We also provide Texas lightning protection for industrial buildings, farms, schools, residential and commercial properties. Because of our stellar customer service team and licensed lightning rod contractors, Superior Lightning has remained an industry leader for decades. We take pride in our work. Call us today for a free estimate. Strike before it’s too late. Install lightning rods Texas on your home or business today.

The great state of Texas is one of the most active lightning and thunderstorm states in the country. Without proper residential lightning rods and surge protection systems installed, your home is open to all sorts of complications at the hands of mother nature. Superior Lightning Protection has been outfitting homes with the latest surge protection technology for years.

Superior Residential Lightning Rods

Texas Lightning Rod CompanyTexas is one the most devastating states for thunderstorms. Protecting your family home or business, as well as your personal belongings is of the utmost importance to us at Superior Residential Lightning Rods Texas. Many items are lost to lightning each year and are irreplaceable. At Superior Lightning Protection Texas we design our surge protection systems and lightning rods to be as inconspicuous as possible.
In some cases our residential lightning rods can even be crafted into beautiful pieces of art, only adding to the overall aesthetic of your home or building. Superior Lightning has a wide selection of antique and decorative lightning rods, as well as weathervanes that act as surge protectors and electricity conductors as well.

The majority of government buildings, airports and thousands of homes across the country are outfitted with lightning rod protection systems. Lightning rods were first developed by Benjamin Franklin in 1749 and to this day are the only reliable protection from lightning strikes. They are in use on structures such as the Empire State building, NFL, MLB, NBA stadiums.

Texas Surge Protection & Lightning Rods Installation Texas

Residential Lightning Rods

Don’t leave your home exposed to the elements and without adequate Texas lightning rod protection. Why put your family and property at risk. Our residential lightning rods Texas are of the highest quality and come in a wide variety of styles, finishes, materials and designs.
Our dedication to superior products and services has kept us at the forefront of our industry. Lightning strikes to your dwelling can be devastating. Not only are our residential lightning rods effective, but we make them to be inconspicuous as well.
For close to 40 years our Texas Lightning Rod Company has been supplying our customers with the highest quality Residential Lightning Rods and Surge Protection Services Texas. We have the reputation, experience and recommendations to back our claims.